Hive Account Application
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Hive.Blue free accounts are for users who do not already have a Hive account. Additional accounts can be purchased.
Do you have a Steem/Steemit account created before March 20th? *

Good news! Your Steemit (Steem) account was ported to the Hive blockchain! Please use your existing STEEM keys to log into your HIVE account.  It is a good idea to change your keys to HIVE. Should your account get compromised on either STEEM or HIVE, having different keys will prevent both being controlled by a bad actor. 

Required to send your account information. Anonomous accounts can be purchased here.

Please write "Hive.Blue Account Applicant" on a prominent part of your website or social media accounts, such as in a Tweet or a Facebook post. Provide a direct link to the page, post, or tweet here for us to look over. Requests that do not provide a valid social media link following the instructions above are automatically rejected without notice. Example of what we are looking for.

Name formatting rules:
  1. User names may contain letters a-z, numbers 0-9, hyphens (-), periods (.)
  2. User names must be between 3 and 16 characters.
  3. Segments are separated by a period and each segment must be at least 3 characters long. (Valid: @abc.d12, Invalid: @ab.c12)
  4. Hyphens must have a number or letter on either side. No double hyphens. (Valid: @a-b.d-1, Invalid: @a--b.-12b)
  5. User names (or name segments) must begin with a letter and end with a letter or number. (Valid: @a12.c2b, Invalid: @1a-.cde)

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