Developing on Hive

Hive Developer Portal

The Hive Developer Portal can be found at: and contains a Quickstart section, Tutorials, API examples and more. It also houses the up-to-date list of resource and library links for Python, Ruby, JS, Rust and PHP integration. It is generally advisable that all developers review the contents of the Hive Developer Portal in-depth to familiarize themselves with the capabilities and options.

Block Explorers

The main Hive block explorer is called Hiveblocks and can be found at: A secondary block explorer is called the Hive Block Explorer and can be found at: The block explorers offer a fairly accurate representation of transactions, although downloading the block log and streaming the blockchain remains most accurate by default.

Github Repository

The main Gitlab Repository is managed by the Blocktrades team and can be found here: (C++ for Hived). The main frontend is called Condenser (React JS). A Hivemind (Python) database-driven ‘consensus interpretation’ layer acts as an API for the blockchain and eases interaction.

User Accounts

New accounts may be instantly generated by an existing account for a creation fee of 3 HIVE or a free ‘claimed account token’ where the claimer is an investor. Account creators become the ‘trustee’ of the created accounts and may provide additional management features under specific conditions. Accounts may be registered through our interface at and take approximately 72 hours to provision.

Key Management and Integration

Aside from direct blockchain integration, integration is possible using Hive Signer and Hive Keychain extensions. Review the following for a detailed overview of Key Management.

Exploitation Resilience

The Hive ecosystem leverages Blacklists of bad actor accounts to mitigate the proliferation of exploitation. The full combined Blacklist can be obtained here: Over 50% of Hive-based applications currently employ the Blacklist API in one way or another.