Keys on Hive

There are several levels of keys on the Hive blockchain.

When you sign up for an account via most account creator portals, you are only provided with a way to generate your password and then generate and retrieve the keys by logging in. They can be found under Wallet → Permissions.

When you receive your account through ourselves, you are provided with your password, private posting key, and active key. This is because we are generating your keys for you when we create your account. To retrieve the memo key and owner key you will still need to log in via

Types of Keys

Key Name Reveal (via Purpose Use How To
Posting Key On click Posting, commenting, voting, following Always, by default Login with it for all day to day activities
Memo Key Visible by default Encrypt and decrypt memos As needed Login with it to reveal encrypted memos
Active Key On click + login Transferring funds As needed Use it only when money needs to be moved
Owner Key Provided Changing other keys, restoring account Rarely Advanced functions only
Master Password Provided All actions Rarely, to reveal Active Key Keep it stored securely at all times
Signing Key Generated Signing blocks Always, by default This key is only used by witnesses

Common Issues/Questions

0. Do I need to know this? Yes.
1. Key won’t work: Ensure no blank spaces are in front or behind the first and last digits of the key.
2. Forgot password: Backup in multiple locations, including offline. The Hive account is your Hive wallet. Treat it like any wallet and keep it safe.
3. Memos encrypted: Log in with memo key or active key and the memo will be revealed.
4. What’s WIF? WIF stands for Wallet Import Format and is the protocol behind encoding the different keys. It can refer to any encrypted key.

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