The Veterans Project

The Veterans Project, aka @Chairborne, is designed to onboard and support military members and veterans, who are currently serving or have served in any branch of the armed forces in any country, on the Steem blockchain and includes:

  • Free expedited account creation
  • Mentoring and guidance
  • Community support

The ultimate goal of the project is to strengthen the military veterans’ community and projects on the Steem blockchain and to assist veterans with making a transition to the Steem blockchain be it as bloggers, innovators, developers or simply participants. In short, it aims to empower veterans to be all they can be on the Steem blockchain.

Who do we not support?

Anyone who is either known or becomes to known to us as having received a dishonerable discharge or is either known or becomes to known to us as having conducted themselves in a grossly-negligent or criminal manner during their service. Our policy is zero tolerance.

This project is not affiliated with any initiative that offers services based on the monetary evaluation or otherwise appraisal of an individual.

Further, this account and project does not support fundraising efforts for individuals or charities.