Disruptive Technology

Everyone talks about all the honorable sacrifices in the world but in the end, many vets end up either underemployed or self-employed because, let’s face it, re-starting a career when you should be mid or late-career is a challenge where everything and everyone is working against you.

There are no degrees in crypto and blockchain technology. Everyone who tells you otherwise is running a racket. This is a field where you can leverage your existing skills of leadership, command, innovation, technical problem-fixing, organization and pretty much everything to charter new waters. New tokens, platforms, blockchains, and end-user projects and everything in between are coming out on a daily basis. You don’t need to buy-in to get involved, you just need to show up and put up what you already have to offer. And you’ve got a lot to offer. Monetize it.

The Veterans Project isn’t a business or a charity, it’s got no real monetary incentive to exist. That being as it is, everything on this site is true to the best of our knowledge and is written for you with our best intentions. Our expertise is the Steem blockchain and related systems.

We’re veterans too, we’ve been there in job interviews where random civilians asked us about our ranks and questioned what it is that we actually accomplished. We’ve all been told that management positions “don’t exist” at the time and that based on our experience, the salary cap is lower than the kid who barely graduated from college on his parents’ dollar. Everyone needs to receive their special considerations except us. Injured but just unfortunately just not enough to get compensation; that crippling back injury magically turned out to be pre-existing to service when it came to Veterans Affairs. Sound familiar?

Joining those on the front lines of disruptive technology and working from home is a whole lot of a better alternative to becoming a security guard, which is the default suggested profession for everyone retired. Various segments of this site will provide you with the information you need to chart a course and get started.