Am I Eligible?

Everyone is granted open access to the information on this site. You are eligible to receive personalized support from The Veterans Project if you are:

  • currently serving in a branch of the armed forces
    • full-time
    • reservist
  • retired from a branch of the armed forces
  • making a transition from military to civilian life
  • honorably discharged from service

This project is aimed towards individuals bridging the gap between military and civilian life with an engaging, meaningful occupation as a content creator, investor, entrepreneur, artist or otherwise participant in the cryptosphere, through an introduction using the Steem blockchain. It is available to all veterans irrespective of their nationality and country of service.

This project is run by volunteers and you are not owed any set free service. Attempting to “game” the project will result in you being blacklisted on the platform.  Acceptance of individuals having served in private armies, civilian contractors, or spouses/caretakers of soldiers killed or gravely wounded in action will be considered on an individual basis.

Our goal is to give you the alternative governmental services did or could not.