Wamp on Windows 10 Fixes


Do not reinstall Apache or Wamp in its entirety if you see these errors. Those who suggest doing that are wrong.

Apache doesn’t start back up after Windows 10 update/reboot → Run netstat -ao → What’s running on port 80? Pid 4?

If Pid 4: Task Manager → Details tab, confirm. Pid 4 = System, IIS (internet information service). Go to Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services → World Wide Web Publishing Service. Disable and turn off automatic startup.

Something else? Change Apache port. Go to httpd.conf, change:

Listen [::0]:8080

Update in httpd-vbhosts.conf. Add 8080 (or whatever you changed it to) to Firewall exemptions for Wamp.

“You don’t have permission to access / on this server.” → httpd-vbhosts.conf port didn’t get updated.

Apache running correctly but website not accessible → Check Firewall settings.


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